Facebook the do’s, don’ts and why on earth?!?

Facebook has become a daily part of our lives, even if we don’t like it or find ourselves bored for a moment it seems almost an automatic response to have a quick scroll through the Narcissistic, step by step guide of people’s lives.

To be honest I do go on it and rarely does it bring me joy it normally infuriates some rage or other with people’s posts… so please see below some of my top pet hates, that “friends” not real friends of mine post on a daily basis.

1) The constant GYM status and check in’s at the gym. WHY on earth do I need a daily reminder that you are heading to the gym, or have arrived to work out?? Firstly no one cares, secondly why don’t you just head to the gym and bloody, get on with your work out instead of being on your phone and making a point and utter waste of time telling Facebook! Also if I’m on the sofa perhaps eating something of the chocolate variety, if I wasn’t feeling guilty enough before but now you’re telling me you are at the gym AGAIN, bore off honestly. Don’t even get me started on the gym selfie’s!!!

gym selfie

2) The constant love-in over baked couple status, photos about every inner, minuscule second of your relationship. Now this has started #love #greatestboyfriend #flowers #bestdayever!! Do-one, please just enjoy your relationship and be in that moment rather than taking a photo and wallowing in the amazingness of it all. SECONDLY more importantly Facebook is NOT I repeat NOT twitter so please don’t use hashtags, don’t over-use them and just stop – full stop.


3) The sympathy gainers do my nut. *having the worst day ever,* or the *can’t believe what has just happened* – only to then have 10 odd comments *oh no hun what’s wrong* – for them to reply *I can’t talk about it on here*!!!!!! THEN WHY have you originally put it on Facebook. To then turn coy. These people should be deleted, why not text or call your friends and talk about the issue rather than publicly shame it all on Facebook.
crying guy




People seem to forget the public arena that is Facebook. Those awful sympathy, moaning, status’s especially work moaning ones could haunt you forever and stop you gaining future employment. Facebook checks before interviews are far more common than you think, I witnessed this being done at my last job. Think before you post or don’t post at all.

4) This needs to be abolished sooner rather than later and this is the death of “THE SELFIE”, it’s too much. People taking a “Wednesday selfie in the office” why on earth? Generally the self-narcissistic obsession of people taking pictures of themselves and even people posting this with a comment, ‘sorry for the selfie.’ urrmmmm then don’t bloody post-it. Not going to lie, scroll back to my University pictures on Facebook and I too was a selfie taker. Fast forward to the ripe old age of 29, I shy away from pictures let alone posting posing ones of my face. It’s unnecessary, vain oh so vain and pathetic. This also extends to the celebrity selfie and Kim Kardashian who brought out a selfie book titled “Selfish” oh the irony. The selfie stick is a hideous invention and if you generally went out and spent real money on a stick to help you take pictures of yourself, then you are no friend of mine. Anyone who knows you should have a quiet word and break the stick in half. seflie ag

5) Another massive pet peeve of mine is “CHECKING IN“. Just to put it simply no-one really cares. Checking in at station, restaurants, Starbucks or even creating a retreat for your home. This is what baffles me, so you go for a coffee with your friends at the ever booming Starbucks and you decide to check in? Are you not with your friends anyway? Are you not there to have a in-person catch-up and chatting time. So instead you decide to waste time on the phone checking-in to tell Facebook that you are having a coffee. The whole thing is completely pointless, is anyone really going to comment or even like it? Also people are losing the moment they are in by checking in or constantly updating Facebook with their movements.


Society and the way we used to live 10 years ago has completely changed thanks to Facebook. Psychologically more people are having issues due to the over-emphasis, exaggerated posts about people’s lives. To someone who may be depressed or lonely, Facebook acts as a shove it in your face, of how great everyone else’s lives are. When in fact the reality is very different. Selfies and gaining likes and attention is making people self-obsessed and vain. Nobody enjoys the moment, instead they post, film the gig or take endless pictures. Also people going on holidays can be found spending ages trying to take the perfect picture of themselves on a cliff, by a pyramid etc.. Not for their personal photo album but for a profile picture and to show everyone what a fabulous time they are having. I can only see this getting worse and the detrimental effects on people’s state of mind.


  1. Why not try leaving your phone in the other room, talk to your housemates, partner or watch your favourite programme without going on facebook.
  2. If you go out for dinner with your friends, partner, family etc.. Keep your phone in your bag, you don’t need to constantly check it.
  3. Just try not putting a status, do people really need to know this? Is it going to change anything, is it worth it?

Enjoy the moment, live, laugh and be with the people you love, you don’t need 10 pictures to remember it, you don’t need to upload your restaurant meal.

Enjoy your life, live it don’t post it. Try it you might be surprised how irrelevant Facebook is…



Made in Chelsea verses The Only Way is Essex!

Before I can even start this article I must say I’m completely biased in my love of MIC (Made in Chelsea). I absolutely love the instagramed scenes with shots that make everything look sunny, hazy and ohhh so posh darling.

When the first advert aired for MIC, I thought what on earth is this? Majorly posh people and their fabulous, affluent lifestyle’s why would I care or want to watch this? But it is addictive watching other people’s lives, loves, relationships and friendships not to mention the cast members have the ability to string proper sentences, together with decent vocabulary knowledge unlike TOWIE.

Image one selfie

They may have rich parents and amazing job opportunities, flats and unlimited store credit but it’s still relatable. Boil it down, friendship ups and downs and what everybody is after is love or the chance to be in a good relationship. When Spencer cheats or Jamie says ‘I love you’ without proper meaning it’s all relatable to anyone out there. Just like a friend was cheated on, or (god fordbid) you, these things do happen. Despite Spencer’s misgivings he is still a loveable character you just scream at the TV for the girls attempting to date him, don’t do it.

Image 2 new york

Lucy was a newcomer a few series back and I think she is now one of the best members of the show. She has an awesome expressive face that shows exactly what she is thinking. She is blunt to the point and takes no crap from men. Something we can all learn something from. Not to mention she is a stunning.

Image 3 Lucy

In regards to appearance, outfits and general togetherness I think MIC absolutely smash it. The girls wear minimal make up, you can see their lashes, just a flick of eyeliner, no hair extensions (aside Binky). It’s a great look, effortless yet still stunning. Compare this to the trowel of make up the TOWIE cast wear it’s a joke. When say Chloe Sim’s face has a close-up all I see is make up. Five plus lashes, way too much foundation, half a box of bronzer some scenes the girls have so much eye make up on their eyes look black.

image 4 Chloe

(Hello where are your eyes??)

The latest episode Lydia a supposed fashion entrepreneur was wearing the most awful shade of Barney purple lipstick, not the deep plum kind that looks good, but garish purple!! Ermmm hello? It’s called a mirror… use it. Not to mention on MIC I don’t think there is one pair of fake boobs, this doesn’t exist in TOWIE. Legs or tits out not both. I think some of the TOWIE lot are trying to tone it down, removing the extensions but still a long way to go.

image 5 Lydia

(previous horrendous lipstick attempt)

Why do I still watch TOWIE do you ask? Habit, I have seen it from the beginning and can’t quite stop watching even though it is horrendous, trash TV.

If there is anything to take from watching these two reality shows it’s aspire to be classy, less make up, stand up for yourself and try find a job you love. What not to emulate garsish make-up, awful tan the biscuit smell on set must be lush (sarcasm) and if you get rich don’t open a flipping shop. It seems their success means they must immediately open a shop or hairdressers on the same street. Whether they have any actual business talent or degree behind them is questionable, shove your name on a shop seems their attitude.

image 6 shop

MIC all the way, TOWIE trowel on see you later……

final image



Geordie Shore or Geordie Snore?!!!!

1Series 8 has just finished on our TV screens and what have we learnt? To put it bluntly, nothing, absolutely zilch has changed since the first series apart from a few new additional cast members. You would think over a period of three years from when it was first shown in 2011, that the characters would evolve or develop some more interesting personality traits, queue the big, bad buzzer, wrong again!!

What has Geordie Shore delighted us with: physical fights, romping on TV, copious amounts of binge drinking, throwing up, breaking things, ‘love’ (definitely in inverted commas) and as the cast likes to put it ‘family’ nights out coupled with ‘pulling’ and going home for a bang.

At the beginning this was a British version of Jersey Shore, initially entertaining, never before seen humans acting like twits and shagging on TV, cue series 8, it’s the same old, boring story. Come on MTV I think it’s definitely time to pull the plug on this archaic format that never changes. Vicky Patterson has been quoted saying her mother stopped talking to her for awhile, when it first aired her getting *cough* laid. Hence saying this she proceeded to shag on TV on a different pile of reality rubbish, which was EX on the beach. What has she learnt… nada.

The latest craze to springboard from Geordie Shore is weight loss, which somehow in the ‘celebrity world’ equals slightly more fame, and endless papped pictures with pointless headlines slapped across the tabloids; ‘newly slim Vicky’, ‘size 6 Vicky stuns in’….

Breaking this down, lose two stone plus and suddenly you are on the celebrity Z list. In reality they have lost weight, this doesn’t give them an actual talent to be famous for i.e. acting, singing or writing, weight loss means nothing, great for them personally but nothing new in life.

Perhaps I’m finally growing up, and certainly growing out of awful television with people that clearly have no depth or talent. The only merit I will give to one cast member is Charlotte; she is unique in her one liners and her love of animals. Having watched her other show she did, ‘The Charlotte Crosby Experience’, I only saw one episode but her wit and general people skills, definitely transcended over. Most of the boys on the show are not worth mentioning considering their views on women, the same one liners about banging birds, no depth. James is the only male cast member that seems to respect woman and remains faithful and in love with his girlfriend. The fact Gary and Scott are still ‘tools’ doesn’t warrant further word space.


In conclusion Geordie Shore life hasn’t changed, grown into anything new or become anymore interesting when it is showing the same scenes and scenarios. Reality TV is addictive I love seeing how other people live, develop friendships and relationships, but this ship has definitely sailed to the wrong Shore, ‘Auf wiedersehen Pet’, as the Geordie’s may say.